Mauro Morales

Software Developer

Uses This



For work, I’m using a 2022 15″ Dell Precision 3570 with a beefy processor and lots of RAM. This is very helpful because I need to spin up many containers and VMs. This is a nice machine, but I dislike big laptops, specially when they have a numeric keypad integrated. For this reason, it’s permanently connected at my desk and only gets unplugged if I have a business trip.

Sporadically, I like working on the couch. Mostly for writing or doing code reviews. To accomplish this, I use a 2016 13″ Dell XPS 9350 FHD.

My favorite piece of equipment is my MNT Reform 2 laptop. I mostly use it for entertainment.


At some point in my career, I started getting some RSI on one of my wrists. I noticed that rotating keyboards on a month-to-month basis gets rid of the pain, so I bought a mechanical keyboard without knowing how addictive this could be. My current little collection currently includes the following keyboards, which I rotate on a constant basis and that seems to keep the pain away.

  • Ergodox EZ,
  • Reform Standalone Keyboard,
  • Das Keyboard 4,
  • Vortex Core,
  • Kinesis Freestyle 2
  • Microsoft Foldable Keyboard.

When I’m at my desk, I use the Evoluent vertical mouse (I have the Mac version because I had a Mac when I first bought it in 2010). This piece of equipment has served me well all these years, except for the scrolling wheel, which doesn’t seem to report the right direction of the movement any longer. When I’m on the go, I use a super silent Logitech mouse.