I walk everywhere that is within 25 minutes. It’s a great way to balance my sitting life at work. It’s also a good way to chat with someone or to think about something. I’ve found the most interesting places in a city when walking around.


If I have the option to choose between using a plane or a train, I’d always prefer to use a train because (a) they have a lower impact on the environment, (b) you don’t have to waste time on security checks, and (c) they are way more comfortable for working or resting.


Driving can give a feeling of independence because it enables you to come and go as you please but it’s also inefficient (waste lots of time waiting for a light to change or looking for a parking spot), stressful (lots of people breaking rules), risky (very high accident rates compared to other means of transport), and expensive (you have to pay for gas, insurance, repairs, and maintenance). I don’t own a car since 2012 and my pan is to continue living without a car for as long as I can.


I dislike flying and will avoid it as much as possible.