This is the list of cities where I’ve lived in chronological order. While non of these places are perfect, they are all amazing in their own ways and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a part of me stayed in each of them


I probably don’t need to present Berlin. It’s simply a place of its own. No other city I’ve been to has the vibe that Berlin has. This place is alive and crazy and cool and full of history and everything at the same time. It’s probably one of my favorite cities in the world and I loved living here. The culinary experience in Berlin is great, you’ll find food from any place in the world. There’s even a bar called Trespassers that serves Guatemalan tamales. Talking about locals is a bit hard because they are hard to find. The few that I met were nice to me despite being famous for being distant. The rest of the people living there were quite interesting and cool to party with, but not much else I’d say.


Nuremberg is a city in the Franconian region of Germany. It’s home to the Rock am Ring festival and a beer festival that in my opinion is far superior to the wildly known Oktoberfest. When my mom came to visit, she totally fell for the medieval architecture of the city. If you ever come to visit you need to try the pork shoulder with a Keller bier. While the average person in the street wasn’t particularly amicable, all the locals that I got to meet were super friendly and helped me make my experience one that I’ll never forget.


Leysin is a tiny village on a Swiss alp in Canton Vaud of the french-speaking region in Switzerland. It is a magical place and has some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. My culinary experience wasn’t that great but there were two dishes that I really enjoyed, Fondue paired with white wine from Aigle, and what I believe is the best Mille-feuille in the world. I didn’t meet many locals, which is probably my fault because I didn’t make an effort to learn the language, but my general feeling was that people were not very warm and happy to meet migrants.

Guatemala City

Guatemala city is the capital city of Guatemala. It’s also one of the few cities in the world where the temperature is wonderful all year long and the culinary experience, I believe is on par with some of the top cuisines in the world.

I was born and raised in Guatemala City. It’s the place where I went to school, where I got my first job as a software developer, and where I met the love of my life. It’s also the place where my beloved family lives and up until now still the place where I want to grow old.

I don’t find Guatemala City to be particularly beautiful, however, if you have access to a car, you can drive to many of the paradisaical places in this beautiful country. Some of my favorites are Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlán, Petén, and San José beach. Every person that I’ve met in my journeys has told me they had an amazing time in Guatemala.