• 2020 13″ MBP – This machine can take anything I throw at it. I prefer this form factor over the 16-inch MBP because of my daily commute between Ghent and Brussels. I hate having to use dongles to connect most of my peripherals. While the keyboard is much better than the previous generation, I still find the touch bar to be useless.


Note: I’ve been using Apple products since 2010 and while I really like using them, I don’t appreciate how dependent I am of them (as you can tell from this list) and their ability to track me (even if they claim to be pro-privacy). For this reason, I’m slowly migrating out of their ecosystem as soon as alternatives are available (small-tech or open hardware if possible).

  • 2015 Dell XPS 9350 Developer Edition – not necessarily a better product than a Mac but I prefer a Linux laptop for personal use. While I’d have preferred a System 76 or a Librem laptop, shipping them to Europe is too expensive and Dell was the best alternative for a computer with Linux pre-installed at the moment (I know how to install Linux on a computer but I was looking for a top-notch machine with spectacular hardware support … which ended up not being the case, I’d not recommend buying from Dell). Thankfully I’ll be replacing this device soon with an MNT Reform, an open hardware laptop
  • iPhone 7 – I mostly use my phone to stay in touch with my family and for social media. I plan to keep it until Apple drops support for it or if it dies on me. My alternatives so far are either a Pine Phone (if they are ready for consumer use) or a Fairphone running /e/ (I’d never go back to Google’s Android if that was the only option I’d rather continue using iOS as my daily driver)
  • iPad Mini 5 gen – I use this device to consume media, mostly watch videos and read digital books. I don’t see any alternatives for it at the moment. PineTabs seem far from being consumer-ready and
  • Apple Watch 6 gen – I decided to get the Apple Watch to help me measure my oxygen levels, exercise, and track my sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ll keep it as long as I have an iPhone
  • AirPods 2 gen – these are my go-to headphones. I love that I don’t have to constantly fight to connect them with any of my Apple products and that they switch between devices super easily. I plan to keep them as long as I’m using other Apple products
  • Sennheiser PXC 550 – I mostly use these headphones when traveling or when there’s too much noise in the office, their noise-canceling system is superb. They are also very comfortable, even for long periods of time like pair programming
  • Ergodox EZ – my favorite mechanical keyboard so far when working in the office. I keep modifying the layout to be more efficient
  • Vortex Core – this tiny programmable mechanical keyboard is perfect for travel and cheaper than the Plank EZ