I’m in the process of building a daily routine. I don’t consider myself a very disciplined person so this is probably one of the bigger challenges in my life. I’m currently keeping a daily log to help me with this.

I start my day around 8:30. Depending on the energy cycle of my body, I wake up 5 or 10 minutes before the alarm or have a hard time waking up. This is only temporary while working from home during the pandemic. Once we’re back to the office, I need to wake up one hour earlier to catch my train.

I then prepare some coffee for the rest of the morning (around 3 cups of coffee) and work until around noon when I take my first meal of the day while watching a TV show with my wife.

I get back to work around 13:00 and work until 16:00 when I take a walk around the city center. I take dinner around 18:00 and watch a movie or TV show and then get back to some more work until late in the evening.

I go to bed around midnight.