I don’t know much about coffee but I do know that I enjoy it very much. On this page, I document the kind of coffee I like to drink, and the tools I use to prepare it.

Guatemalan Origin

My favorite coffee is Guatemalan coffee. I’m totally biased here since I was born and raised in Guatemala but I’ve now tried coffee from many different origins in the world and I still prefer a cup of Guatemalan java. There’s generally a certain level of acidity that it normally has and very commonly it’s been grown next to cardamom or similar plants that give it a very special flavor.

In Europe it’s quite easy to find many roasters that offer coffee from Guatemala. If you are not able to find one, then Starbucks also offers it.


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  1. Put 3 cups of filtered water on the kettle. This is my daily intake
  2. Manually grind the coffee for 2 cups. While I enjoy a strong coffee, I prefer to sip through 3 lighter cups all morning
  3. Put a filter on the Chemex, and pour some boiling water to wet it (this way it loses some of its paper flavors), and then throw the water
  4. Put the coffee on the Chemex, and pour half a cup of boiling water, and let it breathe for a while. Then I pour the rest of the water in concentric circles.
  5. As soon as it finished dripping, I throw away the filter with the wet coffee and serve 2 cups in the canteen, and one in a cup