My current carbon footprint is estimated at 5.58 tons. While this is better than the average Belgian (8.34) and the average European (5.8) in general. It’s still more than the global average (5.0) and a lot more than the average Guatemalan (1.12)

Data according to Henkel’s carbon footprint test and If you have more accurate sources, please share them with me.

Things I’ve stopped doing

  • Driving (2012)

Things I’ve reduced

  • Meat consumption (2012) and even more in (2020)

What I plan to do next

I’m currently getting myself informed about things I can do and the impact they have


  • I currently have to commute between Ghent and Brussels (50kms aprox.) for work and I’m probably going to keep doing so until some time in 2023.
  • I visit my family in Guatemala every year or every other year. We normally do this for periods of 3 weeks and during winter, which means we significantly reduce the energy used to heat our flat during one month. However, this is still a transatlantic flight, which is one too many. Moving back home and working remotely would allow me to get rid of the problem, however, I’d have to go back to driving because of the unreliable and risky public transportation in Guatemala.

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