Mauro Morales

Software Developer

Citizen of the World

I was born in Guatemala and even with all its problems, I didn’t consider leaving until I was in my late twenties because I really like living there. Now, after a decade of leaving abroad, I have a hard time feeling only Guatemalan because of the beautiful places where I’ve lived and the remarkable people I’ve managed to befriend.

Having said that, no person should find themselves in the situation that they have to become migrant workers. Every country should put enough efforts to provide the right kind of jobs with competitive salaries and all benefits that allow them to enjoy their live close to their beloved ones. By doing this, the global south could avoid the brain drain they are suffering from at the moment.

These are the different places where I’ve been a citizen or a resident:

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is the capital of cool IMO. I’m still living here, but if I ever move, I’ll probably always keep it in my heart because I lived here during the pandemic.

Berlin, Germany

The real-world Neverland. I only stayed for less than two years, but enjoyed every single day in Berlin. I will always keep it in my heart because of the city’s spirit.

Nuremberg, Germany

Small city in the south of Germany. I lived in Nuremberg for three years. Its old town is pretty and full of nice places to go. I will always keep it in my heart because of the people there who taught me how to be the best engineer I can be.

Leysin, Switzerland

Small village in one of the Swiss Alps. I moved to Leysin for work and spent there almost two years and a half. There I met some wonderful people who I stay friends with and ate the best cheese of my life. I will always keep it in my heart because of the magical landscapes of the French Alps.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

The city itself is not particularly nice, but it’s surrounded by mountains, and in my opinion it has the best possible weather for a city. I will always keep it in my heart because this is where I was born and raised, and because my family and friends are there.