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  • Installing SQL Developer on Ubuntu 9.04

    One of the mayor reasons why I still use my Windows box is because I havent found a subtitute for TOAD. I know I could make it work some how using wine but I just didn’t feel like it. Since Oracle is so Linux supportive I looked for something on their website and for my surprise I found SQLdeveloper. So far, so good! I like it and I am going to start using it for work. Here are the steps I followed to make it work in my Ubuntu 9.04 box:

    1. Install Java JDK sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk
    2. Download Oracle SQL Developer for other platforms from Oracle’s website.
    3. Unzipped the package in my /home/{user}/Programs/sqldeveloper
    4. Run the .shsudo sh /home/{user}/Programs/sqldeveloper/
    5. When asked for my Java path wrote the following (be sure about your java version):/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
    6. Enjoy!

    Since I enjoy launching commands from my Applications menu this is what I did:

    1. System > Preferences > Main Menu
    2. Go to the Programming tab
    3. New Item
    4. Name: SQLdeveloper
    5. Command: sh /home/{user}/Programs/sqldeveloper/
    6. OK

    Now I can go to my Applications > Programming and click on my SQLdeveloper icon.

    If you have any questions please comment about it or feel free to contact me.

    This post was originally published on my Tumblr blog