Mauro Morales

software developer


  • Remote Setup with EdgeVPN

    Last week I started using my old 13″ laptop and left the bulky 15″ workstation permanently at my desk. This setup gives me portability without loosing power when I’m connected to my home network. Today, I decided to configure EdgeVPN on both devices to also have this setup while on the road. EdgeVPN makes use…

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  • Revived my Dell XPS 9350

    My work laptop has been giving me some trouble since I first installed openSUSE Tumbleweed. At first, it was just small annoyances, like not properly syncing the time. But installing the OS again is a bit of a hassle, as much as I enjoy doing it, so I found a workaround to reset it whenever…

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  • Added ARM/RPI support for Ubuntu on Kairos

    Work this week came with a few challenges, but with enough patience and some help I was able to get the Ubuntu flavor for Kairos working on the Raspberry Pi. Feedback loops when working on ARM are very slow because I’m cross compiling and because I have to burn the images on the SD…

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  • Kairos libp2p

    Demo showing how easy it is to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster over the network utilizing Kairos libp2p and AuroraBoot.

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  • How we build and maintain Kairos

    Overview about all major features of Kairos and how we put the entire OS together with container technology. Delivered at FOSDEM 2023 in Brussels, Belgium

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