Mauro Morales

software developer


  • My Plans for FOSDEM 2024

    Kairos Just like in 2023, one of my proposed talks got accepted. However, I will not be delivering it. Instead, my colleague Dimitris Karakasilis will be doing it because he has more experience on the topic. I will still be there taking pictures and giving away some Kairos swag, in case you want yours 😉…

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  • Reading Binary Files

    Some files in a computer system are written for humans and contain text. But many other files are made for the computer to execute, and it isn’t possible to read them using a tool like cat. This is because they are binary files However, it is possible to read them using a tool like hexdump…

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  • Hacktoberfest 2023 in Brussels

    Organized a Hacktoberfest event in Brussels to share about how to get introduced to Open-Source and did some mob programming.

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  • Meet Kairos, the linux meta distribution for edge

    Introduction to Kairos at 2023 in Brno, Czech Republic

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  • My Personal Experience Using AI

    There’s been a gigantic buzz around AI for a while now. Unless you’re living under a rock, it’s hard not to get hit by this topic. So, a month or two back, I decided to finally give it an honest shot and see if AI can bring any benefits to my work or personal life.…

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