Mauro Morales

software developer


  • KubeCon Europe 2024

    I recently attended my first KubeCon and wrote a recap on Spectro Cloud’s blog: KubeCon Paris: edge, AI and la vie en cloud native. At KubeCon, I had the chance to be a panelist talking about special-purpose operating systems and wrote some notes on Kairos’ blog: SPOS Panel at KubeCon Paris 2024.

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  • Special Purpose Operating Systems: The Next Step in OS Evolution or One-Trick Ponies?

    A panel about special purpose operating systems during KubeCon EU 2024 in Paris, France

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  • Rethinking some common deployment strategies

    Talk to encourage putting some critical eyes to some of the different deployment strategies and team habits, encouraging the audience to evaluate where they can optimize their existing systems and methods. Delivered at meetup in Ghent, Belgium

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  • My Plans for FOSDEM 2024

    Kairos Just like in 2023, one of my proposed talks got accepted. However, I will not be delivering it. Instead, my colleague Dimitris Karakasilis will be doing it because he has more experience on the topic. I will still be there taking pictures and giving away some Kairos swag, in case you want yours 😉…

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  • Reading Binary Files

    Some files in a computer system are written for humans and contain text. But many other files are made for the computer to execute, and it isn’t possible to read them using a tool like cat. This is because they are binary files However, it is possible to read them using a tool like hexdump…

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