Mauro Morales

software developer

Month: January 2024

  • My Plans for FOSDEM 2024


    Just like in 2023, one of my proposed talks got accepted. However, I will not be delivering it. Instead, my colleague Dimitris Karakasilis will be doing it because he has more experience on the topic. I will still be there taking pictures and giving away some Kairos swag, in case you want yours 😉

    Also prepare for our first in-person Kairos meeting. If you’re using Kairos, please join us, we would be thrilled to know some of our community members. You don’t have to be using Kairos to be welcome, this is also a good time to talk Kairos in general. We will share about the details of the meeting on our Slack, Matrix and Mastodon accounts, where you can also reach us at any moment.

    We also applied for a panel about Special Purpose Operating Systems, together with Flatcar, Bottlerocket and Unikraft. Unfortunately we haven’t heard a reply yet. So stay in tune for this one, we will also announce on one of our channels.

    On Saturday morning we want to go for a run, so if you’re looking for a running group, please reach out. And at night we will also probably join a party or hang out in one of the great cafés in Brussels. So you have many chances to join us to talk Kairos, running, or whatever.

    MNT Reform

    I’m a big fan of my MNT Reform open-hardware laptop. I’ll bring it so you can play with it if you’re interested. And hopefully, I’ll get to meet with other MNT Reformers. You can reach out via my personal Mastodon.

    Talks I plan to attend

    There’s never enough time to attend all the talks I’d like to during FOSDEM. These are the ones that caught my attention without too much overlapping.