May 2020

May has been great and I couldn’t be more excited.

Back to the Workforce

I’m finally able to go back to work after waiting so long for my permit and being on temporary unemployment because of COVID-19. I wrote a post where you can read in more detail about the company I’m working for and what I’ll do with them.

Having a long break is very helpful, especially if you just went through a stressful time at work or need some extra time to work on side projects and explore new technologies. I know that many colleagues didn’t really stop working during the pandemic and while at it, they accumulated quite some stress because they weren’t prepared to work from home full time. If you’re looking to have a short sabbatical, I wrote a bit about how to do this the first time I took a long vacation.

New Equipment

I’m quite happy with the machine I got at the office. I’m rocking one of those refreshed 13″ MacBook Pros with maxed RAM and CPU. The keyboard changes are subtle, but it makes a world of difference to have more key travel and an escape key (Vim user here)..

I also bought an MNT Reform for personal use, though I won’t be getting it until December. I decided to support this project for three reasons: (1) I want to learn more about computers and how they work, and putting one together is probably going to teach me a lot about hardware; (2) I want to see tech products, that emphasize reparability, succeed; and (3) it’s the most gorgeous looking laptop you can find on the market in 2020.

Out of the Reading Stack

I failed to finish reading anything this month, but I made quite some progress in a couple of technical books, which I hope to share next month.

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