April 2020


Day 49 of self-isolation. Wake up. Make a cup of delicious Guatemalan coffee. Read. Prepare lunch and eat. Listen to music. Surf the web. Go out for a walk. Prepare dinner and eat. Watch TV and chat with Gretel. Call my mom. Go to bed. Do it all over again.

Hanging out with half of the fediverse

During April we saw a few movies with the #WeAreNameless gang. While in isolation, this really felt like a good way to connect with others. I’ve also been learning about plenty of movies I didn’t know existed.

Out of the reading stack

  • The Little Prince - There are way to many lessons packed in this small book. One that I think particularly fits the occasion (everyone is worried about the economy) is the observation of the Little Prince that we adults are obsessed with numbers when there’s so much more to people and life.
  • On the Shortness of Life - There’s only a limited time in life and we must try to live so that we don’t waste any of it. Life seems endless when everything is going well. It’s during hard times that we can easily notice what really matters. Take advantage of the current pandemic to figure out what matters to you.

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