January 2020

Guatemala City,

The first month of the year is normally to start fresh. For me it’s been more of a transition month while I’m still migrating between Germany and Belgium. It’s been a great time to disconnect from everything and pick up on old and new habits.

Nextcloud Instead of Google Drive

I wrote an article giving some examples of how big tech doesn’t mean good software. After having to go through Google’s crappy software experience I decided to cancel my Drive subscription and moved to Nextcloud for personal use.

I Said No to Platzi

In my last update I commented that I was in talks with Platzi to give an online class. After carefully reviewing their contract I decided not to take their offer. I didn’t like that A) they were not only going to own the course but also my personal data and B) I wasn’t going to be able to do any similar work for anyone else (including myself) for 2 years. Maybe this is the standard contract on that industry (or Silicon Valley) but I personally find it too restrictive. The money wasn’t much either, but that wasn’t my focus since I was interested in the experience because long term I’d like to create my own digital products. If you have any suggestions for platforms or how to get started building digital products please contact me, I’d like to pick your brain.

Joined a Local GYM

For a while now I’ve been neglecting my body. There’s one GYM conveniently located half a block from our apartment so I got a year subscription and plan to make it a habit. I’m sharing this publicly not because you might find it interesting but because I’ve heard is a good technique to stay accountable.

Out of the Reading Stack

For a bit more than a year now, I’ve been putting significantly more books in my reading stack than taking out of it. Reading is one of the activities that energizes me so I’m hoping to retake this habit.

  • Zizek’s jokes: Read this book if you’re in for a good laugh and don’t get easily offended.

Short Trip to Amsterdam

We did a short trip to Amsterdam to meet with some friends of my wife. They (he is from India and she is from the Ukraine) are a lovely couple and we had a fabulous time together. Part of why I enjoy being an expat so much is that you get to make friends from different parts of the world and learn about their culture and also share together our experiences and struggles as immigrants.

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