Test Drive Machinery Using a Docker Container


In my last post I shared how to install Machinery. The process assumes that you are running openSUSE 13.2 but this of course might not be the case. You might be running a different Linux distro or even another OS. That’s were Docker comes very handy. In this post I will show you how to easily test drive Machinery on a container.

Machinery will save all its data in a .machinery folder at your home directory. In order to be valuable, this data needs to persist after you kill your Docker containers.

mkdir -p ~/.machinery

Now we can pull the image from the Docker Hub

docker pull mauromorales/machinery

Once the image is in your system all we need to do is to start a container every time we want to run machinery.

$ docker run -ti \
> -v ${HOME}/.machinery:/root/.machinery \
> -v ${HOME}.ssh:/root/.ssh \
> mauromorales/machinery  /bin/bash

Here we are telling docker to start a container in -ti interactive mode with tty and to -v map a volume from the folder we just created to the /root/.machinery this is root’s home directory because root is running Machinery inside our container. Additionally we will also map our .ssh folder so machinery can use your ssh keys to access the remote servers (if you don’t want to share this folder with your container just map it to a different directory and generate new keys) mauromorales/machinery specifies the image we downloaded and finally we run bash.

Once your container has started you can start using Machinery :) happy hacking!

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