Installing Machinery


For the past three months I’ve been working on a really cool tool called Machinery and I’d like to share some of the neat things you can do with it.

In this first post I’ll show you how to install Machinery on [openSUSE 13.2]{% post_url 2015-06-26-run-opensuse-13-2-in-linode %}

First you need to add the systemsmanagement repo to your system. You can easily do it with zypper running the following command as root:

zypper ar -f \
zypper refresh

You will get asked about a key for the repo. At this point you need to trust temporarily or trust always.

Immediatelly afterwards we should be able to install Machinery by running:

zypper in machinery

When asked if you want to install the respective packages you’ll need to answer with a “y” (yes)

Now let’s double check that machinery was propperly installed by running the version option.

machinery --version

At the moment of writing the version is:

machinery version 1.11.2 (system description format version 4)

Learn more about how to use Machinery on the wiki or by reading the man page.

man machinery

Have fun! And if you spot any issues please let us know by opening an issue and if you have any questions write us to our mailing list

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