My First Open Source Project

I’m happy to share with the world my first open source project. It’s a data grid for jQuery called Scream Grid. Most of my work is developed with open source tools so I just thought it would be a great thing to give a little bit back to the community!

Why did I developed something like Scream Grid? Basically because I am obsessed with information. I worked 3 years for Telefónica doing business intelligence at the Data Warehouse and became fascinated with tools like Oracle Discoverer, SAP Business Objects, Excel Dynamic Tables and other. In a world where information is so easy to find the problem is not getting to the information anymore, the problem is how to interpret that information in order to make it useful to you and your business.

I believe that very soon small businesses will jump into the wave of Business Intelligence as we have seen with Google Analytics and Facebook Ads and will have the need for easy tools that can be integrated to their web sites and internal platforms. Hopefully Scream Grid will become one of those tools or the corner stone for more complex ones.

You can download the source code here.

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